visualNastran 4D - visualNastran suite of applications, including FEA, Motion, Studio, and View Modules.

visualNastran FEA - Stress and deflection, heat transfer, vibration, and buckling response FEA software.

visualNastran Motion - Tools for the development and communication of physics-based motion simulations.

visualNastran Studio - Integrated physics-based simulation with photorealistic animation.

visualNastran View - Viewing, annotation, and markup tool.

visualNastran 4D represents an engineering software environment unparalleled in functionality. This unique application merges the technologies from the Motion and FEA products into a single Functional Modeling system. Users can now perform integrated motion and FEA simulations on their assemblies in one environment. visualNastran 4D offers associative integration with Unigraphics Solutions Solid Edge™ as well as support for virtually every CAD system through industry standard file formats. Designers can take into account the dynamic nature of the problem and simulate the entire assembly, rather than a part or a small subassembly, resulting in more accurate FEA results. FEA linear stress and strain simulations can be performed automatically at every step or individually, using the proven MSC.Nastran FEA solver technology. visualNastran 4D enables users to open and view MSC.Nastran output files from any source allowing the visualization, animation and collaboration capabilities of visualNastran Studio and visualNastran View. visualNastran 4D forms an integral part of the design process by successfully deploying simulation throughout the organization.

  • Integrated dynamic motion and FEA simulation on assemblies in one environment. 

  • Support for virtually every CAD system. 

  • View results from MSC.Nastran output files. 

  • Animation and visualization functionality allow collaboration throughout the organization. 

Integrated dynamic motion and FEA simulations can be performed at every time step on an entire assembly.

Loads and restraints calculated during motion simulation automatically transfer for more accurate FEA results.

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visualNastran FEA delivers a complete suite of design validation and optimization solutions for designers and engineers integrated in a common Windows interface. An assembly-based system for understanding how mechanical systems respond to design loads, visualNastran FEA includes components for design validation, including stress and deflection, heat transfer, vibration, and buckling response. visualNastran FEA also allows you to quickly optimize your designs with the geometry-based shape optimization capabilities.

Additional Concept functionality incorporates topological optimization, which enables the generation of radically different, alternative designs. From a suggested shape, the Concept functionality generates alternatives that minimize the material used (and thus weight and cost), while satisfying design loads. Using these features at early stages in the design cycle allows designers more flexibility to generate alternative designs based on user-defined optimization criteria and to eliminate unnecessary design cycle iterations.

  • Reliability, accuracy and performance of the MSC.Nastran FEA solver gives you confidence that your designs will work

  • Easy-to-use, CAD-integrated interface decreases the learning curve and training costs

  • Optimize your design based on simulation results

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visualNastran Motion provides a complete suite of tools for the development and communication of physics-based virtual prototypes. Models and assemblies created in your favorite CAD system can be ported to visualNastran Motion for testing in a virtual environment that accurately reflects the physical world. Simulating assembly motions using features in visualNastran Motion, including mechanical joints, drivers and collision detection, quickly calls attention to inconsistencies and fundamental design flaws allowing timely modifications to previously unsuspected problem areas. Designers can start with a simple assembly and add functionality as needed to meet the project parameters and test the feasibility of experimental configurations before building physical prototypes.

Used with visualNastran FEA, entirely new solutions to complex engineering motion and structure problems may be achieved at a relatively low expense both in time-to-market and materials. In addition, visualNastran Motion now offers a range of "smart" objects, including conveyor belts and bushings to simplify the design of moving mechanical systems.

  • Powerful physics-based 3D kinematic and dynamic motion simulation and analysis

  • Provides accurate solutions to complex engineering motion simulation problems

  • Save time and money by avoiding expensive prototyping and product failures

Create meters to accurately measure and plot important simulation inputs and outputs.

Control key simulation parameters with interactive input sliders to perform What if? analyses.

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Explode models with ease

visualNastran Studio is the first mechanical animation system to integrate physics-based simulation with traditional photorealistic animation techniques.  visualNastran Studio enables authoring of photorealistic renderings and interactive hybrid keyframed/simulated animations of functioning virtual prototypes. While in the initial design cycle, designers and product managers can use visualNastran Studio to interactively visualize and communicate product parameters. A functioning virtual prototype also opens the doors for pre-production market feedback. Photorealistic renderings and animations allow potential customers to preview products, ensuring that the product also meets fundamental needs. visualNastran Studio provides animation capabilities for simulation tests from the rest of the MSC.visualNastran family, as well as 2D and 3D drawings, parts, and assemblies and MSC.Nastran output files.

  • Get more value out of your CAD and CAE data by leveraging it across your organization

  • Facilitate communication and collaboration between workgroups

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Annotation such as notes and dimensions facilitate design collaboration between workgroups, vendors, suppliers and customers.

visualNastran View is a universal viewing, annotation, and markup tool unlike traditional viewing tools.  visualNastran View supports the host of simulation data types available in the MSC.visualNastran system as well as 2D and 3D drawings, parts, and assemblies. MSC.Nastran output files can also be visualized.

visualNastran View provides a rich collection of design visualization and collaboration tools for the workgroup and enterprise including viewing, annotation and measurement of parts and assemblies from popular CAD systems.

By also supporting playback of photorealistic animations and physics-based simulations, visualNastran View becomes a platform for communicating design concepts throughout your organization. For example, designers, analysts and project managers can use visualNastran View to annotate or measure a functioning, moving assembly, or to view the results of simulation tests in order to work more closely with colleagues and customers in other locations.

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