Continuing in the GibbsCAM® tradition of delivering power, speed and efficiency without sacrificing ease of use, GibbsCAM ’99 incorporates several new enhancements designed to make NC programming faster and easier. Most notable are the material only cutting feature and network licensing and solids import options. Material only cutting is a major new feature that has been added to GibbsCAM Milling. The network licensing and solids import capabilities are both options that may be purchased separately as add-ons by customers wishing to integrate these capabilities into their existing GibbsCAM system.

2.5D Material Only Cutting For Milling

Material only cutting is a feature that has been developed into the GibbsCAM Milling module. It automatically creates optimized toolpaths that only machine areas where material has been left by previous operations (also known as rest milling).

  • System automatically stores stock condition after each operation keeping track of material that has already been cut

  • Any material remaining uncut can be automatically removed in the next toolpath operation

  • User can choose to enable or disable function for each toolpath operation

  • Use as either a single operation or as part of multiple processes

  • Use with solids or geometry-based information

Generation II Toolpath Engine

Gibbs has developed a new technology resulting in its Generation II toolpath engine, which gen-erates a smoother, faster, and more efficient tool- path from a solid body. Implementation of the Generation II toolpath engine affects contour and rough projections, 2 curve flow and most lace cutting operations.

  • Minimal vertical wall sensitivity with projection

  • Gouge protected lace step-over moves

  • Unprojected features are not segmented

  • 2 Curve Flow capable of accepting multiple sets of curves

  • Improved avoidance of constraint surfaces and faces

  • Multiple and nested containment shapes

  • Multiple and intersecting part stock bodies

B-Axis Rotary Positioning

B-Axis rotary positioning is now available for GibbsCAM Mill users with B-axis rotary tables or horizontal machining centers.

  • A standard feature added to GibbsCAM Mill

  • Program on either the A- or B-axis with 4-axis CNC machines

  • Use with the GibbsCAM Rotary Milling option to generate interpolated B-axis toolpaths on horizontal machining centers

Network Licensing

A network licensing capability has been developed for the GibbsCAM system and it is being made available to customers as an option. It is intended for large companies that want to share software over a network of many potential users. The network licensing software is loaded onto the company’s main server, and the GibbsCAM system software is loaded onto each individual user’s PC.
Note: The Network Licensing option will be offered in limited markets outside the USA.

  • Beneficial for customers with multiple seats of any GibbsCAM module (requires a minimum of three seats)

  • Users “sign out” only the modules and options needed

  • Unused modules and options not “signed out” will remain available to other users

  • System notifies users if a module or an option is not available

  • Uses industry standard network licensing managing software, FLEXlm®

Solids Import

Solids import is an option available as an add-on to GibbsCAM. It enables GibbsCAM users to import a solid, extract geometry and machine a part without the use of the full 3D option, GibbsCAM SolidSurfacer.
Note: Advanced Milling is recommended for full functionality.

  • Read Parasolid® files using GibbsCAM’s production mill or lathe modules; visualize the part on the screen

  • All functions under Modify menu available

  • Once the part is correctly orientated, extract the edges needed as geometry and process the part using 2D geometry

  • Directly read Parasolid files from Solid Edge® v. 6.0

  • Access Slice and Separate functions found in Solids palette; possible uses include slicing a solid to generate the edges for a turned part, slicing a solid in the depth axis for a milled part, or creating multiple parts and then separating them

  • ACIS® (SAT) solids read option available for AutoCAD®, Vellum 3D®, CADKEY® and other CAD products

  • Utilize the GibbsCAM Exchange option to read in IGES or DXF surface files

Interface Enhancements

New interface enhancements have been added for increased efficiency.

  • Switch views without using the keyboard

  • Move operations, tools, or process tiles to the end of the list in one easy step

  • Right-mouse click on geometry to access mouse position dialog box

  • Increase viewable area by minimizing view pallete through window shading; provides easier access to view pallete

Virtual Gibbs

The Virtual Gibbs version contains many new and exciting features and improvements. The new Windows® look and feel is just the launch pad for many of the new, powerful and time-saving features that our customers have been asking for. Virtual Gibbs will help you create parts faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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