Businesses need to bring their products to market faster, collaborate fluidly among remote locations and across language barriers, integrate suppliers and deliver products tailored to customer needs all while increasing innovation and beating out the competition. Cross-functional communication is the key that unlocks the potential success in enterprise resource planning (ERP,) product data management (PDM) and business process re-engineering. Only when engineering, manufacturing, finance and administration, and sales and marketing all speak the same 

language, both up and down the value chain, will true enterprise-wide product communication and all its benefits be achieved. The gateway to the enterprise and to this superior level of product communication is the desktop.

Immersive Design's IPA (Interactive Product Animator) addresses companies' needs to communicate products and their designs globally, across physical and linguistic barriers, in real time. Immersive Design's vision, which grew from its MCAD-specific roots to incorporate the broader functions within the enterprise, identifies desktop product communication as the key to moving information back and forth along the value chain. IPA uses the desktop as the gateway to universally share information that spans across product design, development, creation, sales and service - the desktop product communication solution for the enterprise. IPA is the communication tool for Solid Edge and other CAD packages, that provides product information across the enterprise in the form of highly visual full motion animations. The animations are Microsoft standard and can be easily embedded in documents, presentations and html pages.

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Solid Modeling and Drafting

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